It’s Official, My Survival Depends on You

You are my first thought of the day,official
The official reward for getting out of bed.

I watch you drip so freshly brewed,
In a glass mug or paper cup to go.

Your aroma tickles my nose,
Clearing the fog from my head.

The first sip floods through my body,
Warming me from head to toe.

Light or dark, medium or mild,
Flavoured or with sugar and cream.

Some days I will have only one,
Some days require three or four.

I’ll take you any way I can,
We make the perfect team.

You chase away the headache,
A crutch for days that are a chore.

A social drink between friends,
Company while I work alone.

I would be a mess without you,
Unable to get through the day.

You are thing I crave at night,
Even though I must postpone.

Promise me you’ll never leave,
And by my side, you’ll always stay.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your undoubtedly busy day to read this!
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Later days,

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Hey there! I'm Terri. One of my biggest hopes is for this blog to bring you many laughs, a few shockers, the odd tear and maybe even some scares! Through my writing, I would like to take you away from the normal and bring you into my world! I love to bake. Especially if I get to eat it all before the kids and hubby get home. I enjoy scrapbooking, or a least I like the thought of scrapbooking because if I am honest, there is no way I have time for that! I love playing the occasional first person shooter game. The reason I only play occasionally is because I get quickly sucked into a severe red dot addiction.
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