Please Someone Come and Save Me

The alarm clock beeps
And you curse and swear.
You slept like shit
Someone’s pulling your hair.

You try to hide
Pull the covers way up
But the babies crying,
Toddlers up your butt.

Rolling out of beddreamstime_xs_57877412
You step on the cat
You get scratched
And you fall down flat

The kids think it’s funny
So they jump right on
The scream and laugh
Tell me who are these devil’s spawn

Someone come and save me
I’m going to lose my mind
Won’t someone come and save me
Before I’m no longer kind

You brush it off try to control my mood
And head down to get some food
Four types of cereal and two kinds of milk
No coffee for me well that’s just rude

I turn my back just for a minute
While I go to answer the door
Now there are toys on the table
The two oldest are at war

I chauffeur them around
And get them to school
No broken bones,
But my cars covered in drool

I get back home
Go to work on the lunches
Breakfast is on the floor
And every step crunches

Someone come and save me
I need a short day off
Won’t someone come and save me
Before I take right off

The avalanche of dishes
Never goes away
It waits there patiently,
Staring at me all day

The laundry mountaindreamstime_xs_39043807
Never ever ends
Looks like it’s here to stay
Like unwanted friends

After I scale the mess
The kids are both fed
We pick out two books
And I put them to bed

Coming back down the stairs
I hear the cat let out a roar
And I run back up to the sound
Didn’t I tell you not to shut the door?

Please, someone, come and save me
Mom needs a little help
Won’t someone come and save me
Before I completely melt

Baby’s down for a nap
Toddler watching TV
I tiptoe to the backyard
And take a moment for me

I shut the door behind me
And flop onto the cold slate
Look down at my watch
Oh shit I’m going to be late

You grab the two youngest
And quick buckle them in
The baby dozes back offdreamstime_xs_62161472
But the toddler attacks your shin

You step on the gas
Make your way to school
Ten minutes late
Mom your such a tool

Please, someone, come and save me
I need a day to rest
Won’t someone came and save me
Before I become a pest

With all five in toe
You step through the door
But every muscle aches
So you Drop the bags on the floor

You trip over backpacks
And step on three blocks
Try to make it to the kitchen
Before everyone stops

Dinner splats on the stove
Kids scream at your feet
Have to go settle a fight
Better turn down the heat

Problems all solveddreamstime_xs_52679192
Food burnt to a crisp
Toddlers eating cookies
Sneaky little wisp

Please, someone, come and save me
Mom needs a little break
Won’t someone came and save me
Before I completely flake

Hubby’s finally home
You ask him for a hand
He had a long day
And can barely stand

He walks past the kids
Flops down on the couch
Can’t talk to him yet
He’s in a huge grouch

You gather up the troops
And start the bedtime rounds
You ignore all the whining
And the puppy eyes frowns

You know they should be bathed
But it’s already getting late
You’re too tired to fight them
Being clean is something they all hate

Please, someone, come and save me
Mom just can’t take it
Won’t someone came and save me
Before I lose my shit

The kids are all tucked in
Time to bust out the wine
A big tall glass or twodreamstime_xs_41760771
Perfect for mommy time

You sit down for a minute
And notice all the mess
Putting down your glass
You really start to stress

How will you ever get on top
When you only seem to sink
No matter how hard you work
The to-do list will never shrink

You flop back down ready to call it quits
When a small drawing catches your eye
Entitled world’s best mommy
Your heart swells, and you start to cry

Maybe it’s not about the mess
Or everything you should have done
Maybe it’s about the love you share
When you make memories having fun

No one needs to save me
Turns out I’m doing okay
Don’t you dare come and save me
Tomorrow’s a brand new day

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