The Battle of the Spot


The clock strikes five. I gather my things and race to my car.

Jumping in, I throw my belongings into the backseat.

I hit every red light possible, cursing aloud every time.

My thumb pounds the steering wheel as I pull up behind a bus.

After three turns, the way is clear.

My adrenaline increases as I near my street.

I round the bend, praying I see an empty spot.

When I pull into the parking lot, I shout in triumph.

Having beaten my neighbor home, I claim the best parking spot in the lot.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your undoubtedly busy day to read my new 100 word short story, The Battle of the Spot. The inspiration for this story came from my younger sister and her battle for a parking spot in our lot.  If you enjoyed this story, check out this short story, that was also inspired by her.
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Hey there! I'm Terri. One of my biggest hopes is for this blog to bring you many laughs, a few shockers, the odd tear and maybe even some scares! Through my writing, I would like to take you away from the normal and bring you into my world! I love to bake. Especially if I get to eat it all before the kids and hubby get home. I enjoy scrapbooking, or a least I like the thought of scrapbooking because if I am honest, there is no way I have time for that! I love playing the occasional first person shooter game. The reason I only play occasionally is because I get quickly sucked into a severe red dot addiction.
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