The Day I Chose to Stop Caring What You Think

With the school year about to begin, I start to stress over silly things.


Most of the pressure comes from small things. Things like when I will find time for back to school shopping, what items to buy, who’s taking the kids on the first day, and other stresses. Sometimes the stress is overwhelming.


My daughter is going into grade one, and my son is starting grade seven at the high school.


As I prepare my family for the end of summer, I find that one of the primary stresses is the judgment of other people.  Even if you receive none of it to your face, it is always there. Kids nowadays receive so much pressure to be cool and fashionable.  It is sad when you think about it.  And of course, everything reflects on you, the


I am aware, as I sit here, three weeks before the start of school that it will come.  People will judge me for what my kids’ wear, where their backpack came from, what foods I pack in their lunches, and many more ridiculous things. 


When I was a young, teen mother of one, I anticipated this judgment. There are things you expect, and there was nothing I could do to change it. Now that I am older, married, and living in a house which is ours, I find I am over the whole situation.


Who are you to judge me? You don’t know me or our circumstances.


You don’t see that my part time job has me working closer to full-time hours. Or that I am taking college courses online and getting A’s by the way.  You don’t understand that I run this blog and write and produce my content and graphics.


You know nothing.


My kids are happy and healthy.  They are well-adjusted with excellent social skills.

So what if my kids get a sandwich or leftover dinner every day? So what if I don’t cut the bread into cute little shapes?


Who cares if my treats are store bought and not homemade? Who cares if they are in a plastic container and not a mason jar?


What does it matter if the jeans my kids wear came from Wal-Mart and not GAP? What does it matter if the backpack isn’t Star Wars or Frozen?


It really is none of your business.


As far as I am concerned, what matters is they have a backpack for their school items, they have clothes on their backs, and they have food in their lunches.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your undoubtedly busy day to read this!
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