Terri’s Top Five Genuine Reasons I Love Coschedule

A few months ago I ventured into the amazing world of blogging.  At first, the blogging world was an unusual and overwhelming experience.

With no experience in blogging or coding, I relied on the help of friends to get the site set up.  At the moment, I am an aspiring author. I use my blog to collect my pieces and get my stories and poems into the world

I learned right away that without the right tools, running a blog is tedious and time-consuming.

One of the most indispensable tools I now rely on is the Coschedule Calendar. Coschedule has helped me become more organized and efficient and as made a huge impact on the time I spend running my blog.

What is Coschedule?

Coschedule is a marvelous editorial calendar that unites your blog with your social media.

The program works for single teams, small teams, and large companies.

Coschedule will save you time sharing content and planning your posts ahead of time and help grow your traffic.

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

Since I use my blog for personal reasons, and not for profit, I have struggled. It’s difficult to find a balance between the time and money going to the blog and the personal satisfaction coming out of it.

Coschedule has been a game changer for me.  Here are the top five reasons I love Coschedule and couldn’t live without it.



Ease of Use: The Coschedule calendar is simple and easy to use.

The layout is customizable. You can pick which day you prefer the week to start on and how many weeks you want to display. You can show the previous week or up to six weeks ahead.

The calendar features a drag-and-drop ability.

It’s perfect for moving posts around or pulling an already written post stored on the side into the calendar. This feature allows someone like me, who is new to the blogging world, to manage the different content with ease.



Content Colour Code: The Coschedule calendar is colour coded.

The colour coding allows you to customize every post with a unique colour which helps decide what fields are strong and which ones need attention.  This feature is excellent for maximizing the content in each area of focus.

The calendar sports a feature that spaces out your content posted each day automatically.

The “best time” button keeps your messages spaced out to maximize your online presence while prevents them from becoming spam.  This feature is helpful because it takes the guesswork out of when to post your social media content. I have saved hours worth of time trying to decide when each post will have the most impact and the best chance of reaching my target audience.


Content Filtering: The Coschedule calendar allows you to filter the content shown on the schedule according to status, social profile, author and more.

The option to filter allows you to track several things including which authors are posting, how many social media posts are going out, and which content is upcoming.The choice to slim down the calendar to the meat and bones with the click of a button is astonishing.

You can search through a month’s worth of blog posts and social media posts in an instant.

This feature releases a ton of time spent sifting through the calendar to find what I posted last or how often a category is used.  When I filter the content of my schedule, I can find which social media profiles are being used to their full potential and which ones need work.


WordPress/Social Integration: Coschedule is fully integrated with WordPress.

The WordPress plug-in allows you to see your schedule right in your WordPress dashboard. Coschedule features real-time editing, so the changes appear on the Coschedule site and your WordPress plug-in.

Coschedule allows you to sync up your social media profiles right into the calendar.

The tiered levels permit you to have as many profiles as you need. The social integration is an enormous time saver for me. I am no longer forced to bounce between web pages or rely on other websites to post future social media content.  All my social media post are set up right on my calendar with a few clicks of my mouse.


Social Media Templates: The built-in social analytics tracks your best posts and enables you to reuse old but still relevant content.

The calendar uses social helpers to end the tedious work of copying and pasting when posting to social media and image helpers for easy image posting.



A personal favourite feature of the Coschedule calendar is social templates.

Social templates enable you to save multiple social media templates so you can reuse them later. Instead of having to set up every individual post on every social media site every time you make a new post, you click one button.   Templates are a huge time saver as you can set up dozens of social media posts on multiple social media site with just a few clicks and minimal editing.


Keeping these five features in mind, Coschedule is by far the best bang for your buck.  The tiered pricing plan allows you to pick the right plan for you and avoid paying for unnecessary extras.  Coschedule even offers multiple ways for you to discount the price of your plan including a marvelous referral program.

As a new blogger and an aspiring author, I use my blog for pleasure and not money. The Coschedule calendar cuts my workload in half, giving me more time to do what I need, produce amazing content.

Remember, when you’re choosing an editorial calendar, be sure to choose one that helps you.  Verify that the program is simple to use and soft on the eyes. Make sure the features that save you time.  There is no point having features that look cool but are difficult to use. The Coschedule calendar has many great tools that help slim down the time needed to run your blog behind the scenes.   I have spent hours and hours investigating online, and nothing even comes close to the Coschedule calendar.

Head over and check it out and see how Coschedule can go to work for you. Click here!

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