What Would I Trade?

Would I trade birthday parties and cake,
for insane parties and alcohol?
Would I trade the beautiful smiles,
for hours I front of a mirror?
Would I trade the sweet call for “mama,”
for a holler from across the street?
Would I trade all the love-filled joy,
for a friendship that doesn’t last?
Would I trade nursery rhymes,
for speaker blowing bass?
Would I trade the first steps,
for a night at the club?
Would I trade all the time spent rocking,
for a television show?

Would I trade my reason to stay home,
for reckless nights on the town?
Would I trade the strength to finish school,
for a lifetime flipping burgers?
Would I trade what keeps me focused,
for a night in jail?
Would I trade my morning wake up call,
for sleeping in and being late?
Would I trade the joy in my life,
for fake happiness?
Would I trade the purpose of my life,
to just live and die?
Would I trade my whole world,
for nothing?

Would you?

my world

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your undoubtedly busy day to read this!
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Later days, Terri

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Hey there! I'm Terri. One of my biggest hopes is for this blog to bring you many laughs, a few shockers, the odd tear and maybe even some scares! Through my writing, I would like to take you away from the normal and bring you into my world! I love to bake. Especially if I get to eat it all before the kids and hubby get home. I enjoy scrapbooking, or a least I like the thought of scrapbooking because if I am honest, there is no way I have time for that! I love playing the occasional first person shooter game. The reason I only play occasionally is because I get quickly sucked into a severe red dot addiction.
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  1. Hi Terri- I just found your blog. Wonderful!

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