When You Crossed the Line

You took me by surpriseline

When you stormed in one day

I never knew what I was missing

Until you showed me the way


You opened my eyes

I could see clear and free

The world was so different

Full of things unknown to me


Together we grew

So close and full of love

Lives full of adventure

Raining down from above

Side by side we stayed

Left individuality in the past

The years ticked by

I thought it would last


We moved in together

A place all our own

Took a dinky little apartment

And made it a real home


We shared the workload

All the bills and the rent

He cooked and I cleaned

We were so very content


My friends became yours

Your friends became mine

Everything was perfect

Until you crossed the line


Small things at first

A rude gesture or word

Then onto larger actions

My voice was rarely heard


I saw the change in youline

Before I knew of the crime

You were hardly around

For me you had no time



Our happy home changed

Things were always a fight

You were angry and violent

Nothing I did was ever right


You broke me down to pieces

Lied right to my face

So I packed up my things

And moved out of our place


It was hard to stay away

To distance myself from you

My love for you was so great

My heart had been ripped in two


I tried to move on

Pick myself up and start new

But everything reminded me

Of the time spent with you


After a while the ache eased

I missed you less and less

I could see for the first time

How my life had become a mess


Then you starting to stalk me

Showing up at my place of work

Quite often you were drunk

And acting like a jerk


The things I would change

If I had been given the chance

I would never have let myself

Fall so deep in your trance


I would not even be here

Stiff and cold with hollow eyes

It’s hard for my family to imagine


How easily I fell for you lies


You screwed up real bad

Became overwhelmed by hate

And now I lay here alone

On this cold metal slate

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